CMA US Course

We have Expert Hands to Nurture Your Effort to be a Certified Management Accountant - US in 9 Months

Course Overview

This Advanced Accounting Certification offered by the Institute of Management Accountants i.e US CMA Certification will enhance you formulate financial strategies.

This course is designed for finance professionals and accountants. After being certified, you will be expert in analysis, control, financial planning, decision support, and professional ethics increasing your worth as a skilful professional and assist you more for your career in accounting.


  • Financial Reporting
  • Planning
  • Performance and Analytics
  • External Financial Reporting Decisions
  • Planning Budgeting Forecasting
  • Performance Management
  • Cost Management
  • Internal Controls
  • Technology & Analytics
  • Strategic Financial Management
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Corporate Finance
  • Decision Analysis
  • Risk Management
  • Investment Decision
  • Professional Ethics

Eligibility Criteria

  • All the candidates must have completed a 3-year degree course from an accredited college or university in order to be eligible for the examination process.
  • If the students have passed the course from some unaccredited college, they can avail the degrees evaluated at some independent agency. Or any other professional certificate courses can be opted that are considered a substitute for a degree course.
  • It is not necessary to complete the graduation before taking the CMA exams.
  • It is desirable to complete the CMA exams during the graduation period that makes your resume look good and to avail the discounts that are offered to the undergraduate students.